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Rib Cookoff!! Who was the winner?

On Sunday, October 16, 2022, was the annual Rib Cookoff. We had three members enter the cookoff this year and the competition was a close call this year.

The people who entered the cookoff this year were:

1) Allison

2) Dewight

3) Nicki

The ribs were finger-licking good and were falling off the bone. Some ribs were sauced, and some were dried rubbed. So, who won the cookoff? I am getting to that. Last year's winner was Allison. However, she was dethroned this year. By who? None other than Dewight.

Congratulations Dewight for your win this year. I wonder who will win it next year? Come to next year's cookoff and see who will dethrone Dewight.

I should mention that we had some yummy potato salad made by Allison. Along with the potato salad, there was corn, bread with meat, and queso.

We want to thank everyone who brought something for the meal and for all who entered the cookoff this year. I cannot wait for next year.

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